Stop Googling How To Start & Run A Business

What we're not about to do is start or run a business with no direction, no strategy, no systems, no progress, & no profits.


Are You Fully Aware Of All Of Your Potential Write-Offs ?


I've put together a list of 300+ tax deductions for business owners


Marísa Cotton

Business & Tax Strategist


Marisa Cotton is the President of Your Star Power Solutions, a Strategy and Operational firm that offers business start-up and professional development programs to entrepreneurs. She is a strategy-oriented business leader with a unique blend of operations management, human resources, business finances, and business consulting experience supporting the success of entrepreneurs and professional service firms for over 15 years.

With a BS in Public Administration and 2 Masters in Public Administration and Business Administration, she has over 15 years of HR and operational strategy experience, along with 8 years of project management experience. She is a tax professional and bookkeeper with over 10 years of experience in business and personal finances. She is also the founder of Everything Business Academy, covering Everything Business 101.

What Will You Gain From This Community

This fierce community was created to provide entrepreneurs with working strategies and proper business principles to properly start, grow, and scale their business, operations, and profits. All too often entrepreneurs searching for direction are met with incorrect and incomplete directions from various people in FB support groups or by googling themselves into oblivion on how to properly establish and scale a business.

In our community, we cover everything from how to properly set up your business and establish credibility, to business strategy, to how to properly handle your business finances. We support the growth and development of entrepreneurs by providing them with a community for support to properly educate them in all facets of entrepreneurship. We specialize in both for-profits and nonprofits.

 Join my community, and let’s learn, share, collaborate, and help you grow and scale your business and profits. No fluff over here, we all facts.

Clarity of business practices, strategies, & systems

How to establish credibility in your business

Clarity on understanding your business financials

Establishing the game plan needed to fire your 9 to 5

Business strategies to grow and scale your business

Understanding the compliance pieces of your business

Indecisiveness is failure in disguise. You can never succeed unless you take action. It's better to learn through a mistake than to do nothing and guarantee failure. ~

Touré Roberts

Who Is This Group For?

  • Newbie entrepreneurs looking to properly establish their business and set up and credibility
  • Established entrepreneurs looking to scale their business and profits
  • Individuals looking to elevate in their business ownership journey
  • Individuals looking to fire their 9 to 5
  • Individuals who refused to be confined by a cubicle and making someone else rich

Who Is This Group Not For?

  • Those looking for the get rich quick schemes
  • Those looking to have a forever non-growing side hustle forever
  • Those that like to talk about their dreams and goals but no be about it
  • Those looking to stay stagnant in their business
  • Those "Know It All" type of people, we not about to argue up in here

Let's Speak Truths!

Many entrepreneurs are often slammed with false and incomplete information on how to properly and legally set up and scale their business for success. They are often met by get rich quick scheming gurus and other individuals with half ass business practices and knowledge that are barely making it themselves. They often get lost with shiny object syndrome in the world of googling information and youtube university.

This community is a safe space for entrepreneurs to learn and grow in their business and business goals. It serves as a one stop shop to get accurate and up to date information on proper business practices and strategies, business building techniques, financial compliance and tax strategies, and more. In this community, I’m sharing my expertise in the areas of everything business.


C   L   I   E   N   T       L   O   V   E 

Successful Entrepreneurs . . .

Have Passion
​✅ Are tenacious
✅ Believe in themselves
✅ Willing to take risks in life
✅ Able to manage their fear
✅ Invest in their dreams to make them a reality

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